Frequency FAQ

Frequency FAQ


Here at Sakred, we have infused high frequencies that are intended to support the energetic function of our human cells and the energetic systems of our body. Even though we look to be physical beings - 99.9% of the human cell and the human body are empty energetic space. Low frequencies get bound in this space and the goal is to move out the low frequencies and pack in all the high. 


Each product that we create has its own unique intention that brings both the scientific and the spiritual world together in one perfectly blended bottle.


They are infused with both:

1) Specific elevated frequencies via a patented scientific process that target focus, energy, clarity and anti-stress --to name a few. [Scientific]

2)Methods of Healing Alchemy via our founder's core angelic healing team. [Spiritual]


We can't tell you that these frequencies will do a thing for know…legally.


We created these products for ourselves and well... they were too mind-blowing not to share.


So, from us to you...

Cheers, love!