SAKRED - The Beginning

Hello loves


We think it’s important to start this all from the beginning. To tell this story from the moments that life was breathed into the company or the movement “sakred”.


But how does one explain something that is so vast and that signifies so much?

The same way that any journey begins…by just pausing…breathing…setting an intention…and then choosing to begin.


Beginning without the need for perfection…beginning knowing that we can evolve as we go…

Just as we hope that you live your life…knowing that at any moment you can choose to begin again…with an even deeper intention of feeling and experiencing all that life has to offer….and simply evolving as you go.


Our roll is to simply give you a few more simple but sakred options to bring even more JOY and higher frequency emotions and vibrations to your life…


To not only give you higher vibrational products for your physical body and life

But also give you higher vibrational options for your mind and your soul…


Therefore raising the vibrations of the “triangle” or trifecta  – which we know as the mind, the body and the soul.


But don’t worry—if you are like whatttt isss disss??? Lol Just stay tuned as we roll all the goods out and slowly peel back the layers of this beautiful movement that we have created just for you.


So much mad love for you all.


-        Team sakred



Sakred – The beginning



This little big story began in peru - August 2017 – I can see it in my head, my minds eye and I can still feel it in my soul. The beautiful shaman “washan” and his beautiful family were singing around us and supporting us as we released some of our stored emotion and pain. I was releasing  things I had been holding onto for years and some of them decades. I was crying and weeping – things were just flowing out and releasing from my soul.  I was realizing that I had taken myself and my womanhood, my life and my vessel for granted and abused it in ways that I no longer wanted to abuse it in. The word SACRED rang in my ears. Looking around at the vastness of peru, I realized how sacred life truly was. How sacred my vessel was…my soul was…and everyone around me was as well. Thirty years of verbally, physically and emotionally abusing myself was enough. It was time to leave that here in peru…to live the life I knew I deserved and to live life in a more sacred way. 


It was in peru that I started to become more familiar with sacred plants and different sacred ways of healing the mind, body and the soul…it was in peru where I realized how when we respect the sacred plants and our sacred souls that they would love us more fully back. Somehow, as a society we have taken sacred plants and have abused them…The coca leaves that peru has so sacredly used for 100’s of years being abused into cocaine, and the marijuana plant the same. Then a ceremonial glass of wine turning into years of abuse by so many…We take something so beautiful and manipulate it to be something it was never meant to be. My soul reminded me that it was time to come back to my roots, our roots, & our simple sacred truth about all of these things and the way we live life. 


And so, in the mountains in Peru- looking over macchu pichu…Sakred was born. 


Sakred’s Founder, Brandi Botts



 Why sakred with a K? 



Why take such a beautiful word like sacred which has so much power and meaning behind it and tweak it? At first, I didn’t realize why my soul felt so drawn to SAKRED with a K…Crazy enough It wasn’t until my flight back after our first company photoshoot (10 months after sakred was mentally born) that it was laid on my heart. 


Often times when you are starting a new way of living…you need a whole new outlook than that of the old life…


a new zing…

a new feeling…

a brand new name even…


something that signifies the way of the old….will no longer be the way of the new…


A line in the sand moment… 


Sakred with a K is that line in the sand moment. 

It was for me and us…and maybe it will be for you as well. 


That is our hope: that you realize that the way of the old…no longer has to be the way of the new life you are choosing and desiring to lead. 


At any moment, you can choose to start brand new…to do things with more intention, to treat your whole self…your mind, your body and your soul a little more sakred. 

Blessings on this journey— new or old that you lead love. 



Will you be my co-CEO JESS?! 


Is it weird Jess and I just met for the official first time at our launch photoshoot as CO CEO’s of sakred? lol. eh? How does that even happen? Why would anyone do such a thing? 


I felt that doubt creep for a brief moment as I was flying out to meet Jess in Portland for our first Sakred photoshoot…but then I remembered something called grace…and a deep inner knowing that this was the most amazing decision she and I will have ever made together: to trust our inner intuition and to trust where we were being divinely lead. 


ENTER - May 15th, 2018 -


Randomly - I stumbled across Jessica Scott’s post on Facebook- It was about her journey of the softening of her heart…going from FORCING everything to now living in a beautiful FLOW….I had been following her journey since we both had our breast explant surgeries the same month nearly two years ago and she was glowing in a whole new way….as was I. It was in that moment that everything inside of me KNEW she was meant to be co-founder aka co-ceo of sakred. It all made sense. 


Looking back on our individual journeys…we were living such PARALLEL LIVES… 


I’ll let jess share from here. 






It was 2017. I was hanging on for dear life to all the pieces I had forcefully put in place. I was barely breathing. I was living in a fortress of masculine energy that I had carefully constructed, brick by brick or should I say block by block. Block is more appropriate because I had unknowingly blocked out all feeling, all intuition and all internal navigation. I had completely blocked out all feminine aspects of my being.  Anything that evoked a softness or fluidity was steamrolled by rigidity, rigor, pressure, and force.


I lived like this for years — running on the treadmill of accomplishing, numbing, reacting. I was accomplishing much, yet feeling little. Pressure was high. Pleasure was low.


In 2017, I felt if one more brick was placed in my fortress walls, I wouldn’t be able to breathe any more. I was weary and lost from the pressure, from running— from doing.  I found myself lacking the the energy and desire to keep all the forced blocks perfectly in place so I wouldn’t crumble. I was exhausted, and in that exhausted moment I paused. I took a deep breath and it was as if in that exhale I breathed for me and I breathed for she-  for all of womenkind. 


As that breath left my body and filled the air around me, I came undone.  That tiny pause pivoted my soul and I wept (literally kneeling on my kitchen floor). I surrendered  and each brick of my fortress rolled down my cheek one by one until they poured into a sacred crumbling. When there were no more bricks to build with or throw, the feminine aspects of my being I had exiled from my existence were lovingly invited back into my life.


Surprisingly, without my fortress of protection, I found myself more okay than I had ever been. A relaxed trusting openness now flourished where haste, force, and rigidity used to barely survive. 


What I was tapping into and communing with felt sacred and divine- two words I previously had blocked from my life as a dabbling atheist and perpetual non-feeler. The expanding energy that was now carrying me was so much bigger than the barricaded fortress I used to live in. 


I felt okay, even though I wasn’t doing anything (a first for me).


I was being everything and nothing all at once.


I was the everywhere yet no where at all. 


I was now living sakred instead of scared.


The k in sakred signifies for me being deeply and profoundly “okay” inside… after many years of not being okay. When we are okay with all of life, we invite a collective consciousness into our lives instead of picking and choosing and forcing how we think life should be. When we are oKay inside we expand and understand the integral part that every moment plays in our evolution. When we are okay we intimately know the imperfect perfectness of being human. The tantalizing highs and the devastating lows and can see the magnificent beauty in both. We are one with the extraordinary power of the feminine and recognize the smallness we feel when we aren’t tapped into our collective consciousness. When we are okay, we unite and rise. 


Sakred is a togetherness of souls helping one another home.


Sakred isn’t just for Brandi or for me. 


Sakred is for the collective she. 


Sakred is for thee.



When Brandi reached out to me to share her idea for Sakred as a company, as a movement, I had no barrier or bricks left keeping me separate. When she asked me on our first call together to be the co-CEO, my soul expanded.  As irrational as it seemed to say yes, I was so okay with life and with myself and being a vessel in this life that I said yes. I said yes for you. Yes for me. Yes for the collective rising of she. 


Flights and photoshoots and a divine unfolding of a purpose placed in both of our hearts.


This is the beginning of our journey, and this is divine timing where our path meets yours. We can’t wait to get to know you and how you live sakred.