Mastery Of Your Information - Live recording!


Thank you all so much for joining us either live or for the recording! If you have any questions at all please reach out to Kat Gibson or Bonnie Sax - their text number is 561-628-2846. The class is still open for enrollment until August 17th! 



Link to facebook event for "mastery of your information".


Mastery of Your Information is a 9 level soul download and information class.
Your soul receives the healing alchemy downloads from Melchizedek while the healing teams of Kat Gibson and Bonnie Sax are clearing karma, agreements, beings and foreign energies that block your channels and awareness.
Each of the 9 levels in this course consists of 6 classes. The levels are based on frequency and are taught in sequence over 54 total weeks. At the end of each level of 6 classes, participants will have achieved that level’s frequency of Mastery of Your Information.
For example, after completing the 6 classes of Level 1, you will have a higher frequency, more clear channels, and the ability to clear karma and agreements and reassign beings from all 4 etheric bodies for yourself and others. With each level completed, your frequency gets higher, your channels get clearer, and you gain more access to your information, your connection to Source, and your innate alchemical healing abilities.
The course will be held online via Zoom with live interactive video conferencing each week. Each class recording will be available for your review and download. Participants in the course may receive contact information for the other participants in the class and can practice healings with each other over the phone and/or in person, when possible. You will also receive a list of Mentors consisting of previous graduates to assist you.
The course will be closed to new participants once it begins. It is our intention that you commit to the entire program although we understand an unexpected situation may arise.
Teachers: Both Kat Gibson and Bonnie Sax are students of Karen Torres Healing Classes and have completed the trilogy of Mastery of Your Information, Energetic Architecture, and Advanced Architecture Courses. They are currently finishing the Alchemy program, and the Alchemy of Creativity. They have taught previous MYI classes, helped facilitate previous Mastery of Your Information class, and have managed the Mentoring Program.
When: Tuesdays from 7:00 - 8:30 pm EST starting Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021. This is a 54-week course consisting of 9 levels of 6 classes each.
Where: Online via Zoom live interactive video conferencing.
Classes will be recorded. In the event you are unable to attend a class live, you will still receive the soul downloads and be able to watch the recording at your convenience. You will receive the Zoom link after you have registered, prior to the first class.
Fee: Each Level of 6 classes is $300. The payment of $300 will be due prior to Class 1 of each of the 9 levels.

To Register: Please text Kat Gibson at 561-628-2846 and she will email you the details of payment and registration.


(((Although this course began August 3rd - it is STILL OPEN for registration for the next few weeks so please reach out if you are interested in joining!)))