Night of Alchemical Healing

Hi, Loves! 
Here at SAKRED we are rock solid set on raising our own personal
frequency MIND BODY SOUL. It goes beyond just the WOKE by SAKRED frequency MCT drops that we use daily which have lit up our world, but we also care about the frequency of our SOUL and that is why if you were to ask
all three of us....
Brandi, Andrea and Karen B....
We would tell you that the game changers in our personal lives are not only the drops that we are obsessed with but the healing work that we have been doing for quite a few months now.
I myself (Brandi Botts) was so blessed to have met a beautiful healer by the name of Karen Torres over a year and a half ago that lives down the road from me and I have  been working with her and studying the same work over the last year and it's taken me from debilitating sick, anxious and tired (8 year of disease) to not an ounce of sickness in my body and soooo much love joy and light flowing through. It's given me such a radical shift that I have been learning the same work from Karen and passing it on to my family and friends and it's changing lives all over. Haven't had someone in my life yet to say they didn't feel a big shift
in just a few sessions. It's amazing. 
Good thing is it's affordable and doesn't even require any of your time.
It's all remotely done from the comfort of YOUR home and you just live life as normal on that monday night and get a kick ass healing. 
This is a bi monthly 3 hour healing every other monday night via Karen Torres and her core healing team and the angelic realm.
The Night of Alchemical Healing (also called NOAH) is a group healing event that happens every other Monday night in North Palm Beach, FL. You can attend in person for $50 or as a remote for $25 per person. In person, you experience the healing first hand, and joining as a remote is equally as effective and powerful. Either way your soul and your 4 etheric bodies receive all of the energetic information, crystalline constructs, crystal activations, crystalline designs, chakra and light body replacement as needed, clearing of karma and agreements, and all of the Angelic transmissions and downloads. Individual as well as group intentions for the evening are addressed.
Note: There is no website, call or link to visit with a remote. One of the big benefits of attending remotely is that you go about your evening plans with no call to make, or video to watch. You receive the healing no matter where you are or what you are doing in the physical.
You PayPal Karen $25 for each soul/person attending at





Brandi Botts
1 year difference - I used to be even lower frequency and more ill. 
8 years ago, I was bed ridden. Sick beyond belief. I remember flying home while pregnant with my second son and had a moment where I considered taking my own life because I couldn't leave my home without blacking out and debilitating fatigue and anxiety.
Auto immunity, zero cortisol and adrenal fatigue, leaky gut and
only able to eat 6 foods for over a year. I tried every type of diet and was the healthiest SICK person I knew. I spent 100's of thousands of dollars on supplements, doctors etc etc. Flew all over looking for healing and 1000's of dollars on random devices that promised healing lol. Every time i would travel for my work i would get SOOO sick and everyone just knew i was never going to attend any events or parties because I was always sick. Now, I travel weekly and with EASE!! It's fun to travel and I have not been sick or had any sign of disease in about a year now! Auto immunity that i had and took thyroid meds for for 7 years is sensitivities and me having to stay from all the foods i love is GONE. I eat what i desire and even have a drink and I feel fabulous. The only supplements I take currently are my woke frequency drops and some chlorophyll tablets. I now have began learning this same work from Karen and it's amazing to see lives CHANGED because of it. Grateful to GOD and all the angels for all of the healing love and light. 
Goal = clear the shit and add in all the love and light! 
Sarah Love 
Karen Torres is a magician as far as healing goes. 
For 20 years I was searching to be healed. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease when I was 18 years old and no matter how healthy I tried to get with diet, yoga, meditation, and emotional healing, nothing began to really change until I met this woman. She began to work on me energetically and right away I felt something shift. I knew that it was going to take time and it was going to be somewhat of a long journey ( well not long at all after 20 years), she changed my life in just under three years with my health and in so many other areas ( love, happiness,peace of mind, and my passion all showed up too). I am radiant with my health And I have never felt better. The other blessing I have learned is how to deal with the pain and transform it through energy healing. Not only is she a healer for me but she is a teacher for me and for many ⭐️