The Night of Alchemical Healing (also called NOAH) is a group healing event that happens every other Monday night live on video. You can attend on video for $25 or as a remote for $25 per person. On video, you experience the healing first hand, and joining as a remote is equally as effective and powerful. Either way your soul and your 4 etheric bodies receive all of the energetic information, crystalline constructs, crystal activations, crystalline designs, chakra and light body replacement as needed, clearing of karma and agreements, and all of the Angelic transmissions and downloads. Individual as well as group intentions for the evening are addressed.
Note: A link attend live will be sent to your email once you sign up! Also, One of the big benefits of attending remotely is that you go about your evening plans with no call to make, or video to watch. You receive the healing no matter where you are or what you are doing in the physical.
You PayPal Karen Torres $25 for each soul/person attending at
If you have any issues or need additional assistance then please text
Kat Gibson who is Karen's assistant at
Karen Torres is a gifted healer, teacher, psychic and channel. She is the creator of the healing event, “A Night of Alchemical Healing.” She is also the creator of the energetic architecture trilogy of study which includes Mastery of Your Information, Energetic Architecture, and Advanced Architecture. Karen works with her angelic realm healing team to support everyone in accessing their souls information, clearing their channels of divine communication and healing body, mind, and soul on this path of love and wellness. She specializes in healing alchemy and energetic design. Her goal is for each person to realize their power to create, heal, and manifest their dreams as they go up in frequency.



"This work is nothing short of magic, and I would pay each penny 10x over again."

"Karen Torres has not only helped me heal from every diagnoses I've had that doctors said would never heal, but she has given me the greatest gift of all.. knowing and seeing myself, my purpose, and the world in full clarity. This work is nothing short of magic, and I would pay each penny 10x over again."



"Karen Torres is absolutely incredible and I Am eternally grateful"

Karen Torres is absolutely incredible and I Am eternally grateful. She has helped me heal parts of myself that I have struggled with my entire life. Before meeting Karen I was suffering from so much, and couldn’t see the light all around me...I couldn’t see the light within me but with her as my healer, I’ve never felt better in my entire life and I see myself with more clarity now. Not only do I love myself like never before, I know how to see other’s through the eyes of love no matter what. That’s true power. Karen has taught me what unconditional love is... I am forever blessed to know her.



"She is a healer for the healers."

I often get emotional when I consider the number of people that have had their lives dramatically changed by Karen Torres throughout her lifetime. I am SO grateful for all of the incredible healings I’ve received in private, at NOAH and in class. In addition to being a really powerful and amazing healer, Kare is an incredible teacher. She has given me a language for so many different spiritual experiences I’ve had throughout my life. She is a wonderful Divine example of what “seeing through the eyes of love” looks like. What I often hear about her is very true: She is a healer for the healers. I am infinitely grateful.



"Meeting and working with Karen Torres has been the most pivotal moment of my life"

Meeting and working with Karen Torres has been the most pivotal moment of my life. A few years ago I was so sick, riddled with “autoimmune issues” and more. But now, I’m not only healthy and vibrant but working closely with Karen to tap into my power and truth. Each week she helps me clear away more layers, which enables me to see the beauty in myself as well as every other person on this planet. She’s helped me remember my truth, that I’m a powerful being of light (we all are). My clarity, knowingness and Divine purpose have grown exponentially since receiving Karen’s magical healing. I’m also now able to look at everyone and everything through the eyes of love and lens of grace. With her by my side, I’m remembering that the only truth is Love. And underneath it all, we are each on our unique journey back to that One True Love, Karen’s an angel, a gift from Source Creator God to this planet. I love her so deeply it brings me to tears and I’m eternally grateful for her.



"Working with Karen has totally transformed my life"

Working with Karen has totally transformed my life. I could not possibly recommend it more highly. What has transformed and fallen away over the past 2 years, I wouldn’t have even known to ask for when I first started the process. Luckily, she’s in touch with my soul, who has the bigger picture. She empowers me to be the beautiful magical powerful soul that I am, and always have been (I just forgot for a little while). God bless you Karen, you are such a gift.


“I’ve attended my first NOAH almost a year ago and haven’t missed one since! I’ve learned so much from Kare in energetic designs and healing alchemy and so much more. The energy and teachings at Noah are powerful, even as a remote. The healings just keep getting better and better as we go up in frequency and continue to clear our channels that connect us to our essence or our soul. Truly an incredible experience for all ages!



"Since starting this journey with Karen and her beautiful big hearted team members my life is forever changed in so many ways"

Since starting this journey with Karen and her beautiful big hearted team members my life is forever changed in so many ways, but the biggest one for me personally I have such peace and KNOWING that I’m healing lifetimes of unresolved trauma and releasing those untruths for not only myself, but my family and friends in the process. Like the biggest ripple effect of just pure love. If you would have met me even a year ago I had anxiety to the max. I stressed over every little thing. Questioned myself and my worth on the regular. All because I had forgotten who I am in truth. Word divinity in form. I have learned to pause, listen and trust my soul because it won’t ever steer me wrong. I can’t express how grateful I am or the love I feel for her guidance, assistance, and kick ass healing ability.



"The other blessing I have learned is how to deal with the pain and transform it through energy healing."

Karen Torres is a magician as far as healing goes. 
For 20 years I was searching to be healed. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease when I was 18 years old and no matter how healthy I tried to get with diet, yoga, meditation, and emotional healing, nothing began to really change until I met this woman. She began to work on me energetically and right away I felt something shift. I knew that it was going to take time and it was going to be somewhat of a long journey ( well not long at all after 20 years), she changed my life in just under three years with my health and in so many other areas ( love, happiness,peace of mind, and my passion all showed up too). I am radiant with my health And I have never felt better. The other blessing I have learned is how to deal with the pain and transform it through energy healing. Not only is she a healer for me but she is a teacher for me and for many.


"I now have began learning this same work from Karen and it's amazing to see lives CHANGED because of it."

 This work with Karen has been everything to me.

I spent about a decade confused and at whits end trying to figure out why I had zero energy and was blacking out in conversations with my anxiety through the roof. 

I was told I had Hashimoto's auto immune disorder, zero cortisol, parasites, candida, adrenal fatigue, leaky gut and only able to eat 6 foods for over a year because I had so many food sensitivities. I tried every type of diet and was the healthiest SICK person I knew. I spent over a hundred thousand dollars on supplements, doctors etc etc. Flew all over looking for healing and tens of 1000's of dollars on random devices that promised healing lol.
Every time i would travel for my work I would get SOOO sick and everyone just knew I was never going to attend any events or parties because I was always ill and in bed. Now, I travel multiple times a month with EASE!! I'm no longer ill all the time and have replaced all of that with an overwhelming feeling of LOVE and LIGHT that fills my body. It brings me to tears most days as I spent a decade of my life looking for the answers to the cure and I found them while working with Kare. All disease is when you see it with clarity are various low frequencies that need to be moved out as they are not your truth.
The Auto immunity that i had and took thyroid meds for for 8 years is sensitivities and me having to stay from all the foods i love is GONE. I eat what I desire (follow my soul lol) and even have drinks now and almost a glass of wine a night and and I feel fabulous! The only supplements I take currently are my WOKE by Sakred frequency drops  and some chlorophyll tablets and a big dose of working with Karen Torres lol. I now have began learning this same work from Karen and it's amazing to see lives CHANGED because of it. Story after story come rolling in daily and it blows my mind. Grateful to Source/God, Kare and all the angels for all of the healing love and light. 
Goal = clear the shit and pack in all the love and light! 


"My training with Karen Torres has supported my growth completely."


Many of you have asked me in the past to share what I see. As a clairvoyant, truth is, I don’t see everything. But, I do see what my soul knows is important for me to see —what will support my journey and sometimes what will support a powerful teaching.

Some of the magic I witness shows up in the day to day healing work I do. My soul takes me to witness some of the most beautiful “gifts” in the body. Where do these gifts come from? So many are gifts that were designed specifically for that soul at NOAH or during class, MYI or EA. In healings, my soul will share with me for the specific purpose of sharing with my clients or class members, to which they’ll say “that’s exactly what we were told was gifted our last class!”

So what do they look like? Like snowflakes, no two are alike. Most gifts are composed of multiple crystals and high frequencies. I’ve seen gifts for the pituitary gland where crystals are standing on their axis spinning, running frequencies along with mathematical equations (that I’ve only recently been able to see) and/or geometric shapes. These frequencies pulsate into the gland feeding it new information.

I’ve seen and experienced new designs that were gifted to people (including myself) during EA that have taken my meditation experience to a completely new level. Designs that make my connection instantaneous, and keep my link to the “other side” very clear. Those who surrender to the experience are able to connect to a space very deep within themselves. I say so, because that was my experience and continues to be as I reach new levels within my journey.

I’ve witnessed designs at NOAH that are full complete structures emitting waves of high frequencies designed to tickle your every senses. Again, each uniquely designed.

I’ve seen waterfalls filled with liquid crystals flowing within a structure. Witnessed those who could feel energy, enjoy a moment of water splashing.

I’ve seen trees filled with ruby-colored apple crystals, waiting to be picked, and the souls of the many participants enjoying this energy directly into their mouths.

I’ve opened cupboards filled with laughing star dust that exploded in my face. Launching me into a blissful moment of deep belly laughter.

I’ve seen class-mates discovering chests full of personal gifts that connect them into a space deep within their heart center.

I’ve had my legs “taken out” from under me, only to be shocked with my inability to overpower the energy that was keeping me low to the ground. This was intentional for me to discover a space of surrender and release that freed me from the need to micromanage and control.

The people who are grouped together in these experiences (at NOAH) have a common denominator. Perhaps, fear of not being enough, or unworthy of love, or not safe to be powerful ... When we allow and surrender to the experience, the design becomes a space profoundly powerful as it alchemizes the low frequency and shows us who we are by gifting us. The gifts are ours to keep eternally. A space available to us to revisit anytime we wish to.

So you see, these designs are not just hands being waved in the air. These are Melchizadek creations placed in the quantum field. Filled with immense power. They each have a purpose, to continue supporting your journey.

My training with Karen Torres has supported my growth completely. As my journey has evolved, my frequency has expanded and so has my ability to see. First with NOAH (ongoing healings open to everyone) then Mastery of Your Information followed by Energetic Architecture (which I will be completing in the next week). These classes have brought me more clarity and understanding of what is being presented to me. Next month, I will begin Advanced Architecture and I am just so happy to be on this magical journey! The same journey that is available to anyone and everyone, because we all have this ability and more!



"Karen is an amazing healer with huge loving heart!!!"

Karen is an amazing healer with huge loving heart!!!
High integrity, clarity and enormous healing capacity.



"There have been nothing short of miracles"


Ever since I have met Kare, well, reunited with her in this lifetime anyway, there have been nothing short of miracles blessing my life! Not only have I been blessed to receive healings with Karen, but I also get to be a student of hers in the Master Your Information course she’s teaching. She’s helping me clear my channels, karmic agreements, cut cords, raise in frequency so I can access more of my own information so I too can be a powerful healer and of service to others her on this planet and beyond! Thank you Kare! It’s a true blessing and quite a fun ride!



"The massive transformation I've experienced with Karen Torres (The Care Bear Tower of Healing Alchemy & Fierce Love) is nothing short of miraculous"


The massive transformation I've experienced with Karen Torres (The Care Bear Tower of Healing Alchemy & Fierce Love) is nothing short of miraculous. She is an infinite fountain of love, truth, and joy, singing healing light key codes that can alchemize the darkest of the dark and awaken your own inner gifts and knowing.

I found Karen after experiencing numerous well-meaning energy healers that had no idea how to deal with the level of attack I was under and often made thingsworse. My sessions with Karen gave me my life back. She breathed healing alchemy into my soul. She taught me HOW to claim my power and my worth.

Karen is the most loving, generous, tuned in, and big hearted person I've ever had the honor of knowing. She shows up like a badass warrior shaman on the regular, and there is NOTHING that she can't handle, move, and alchemize. Nothing. Karen is THE best of the best. An absolute GEM. If you want the healing power of the Angelic Realm and Source Creator God wrapped up in a beautiful fiery ball of light, look no further. Her psychic vision/sight and knowing, is off the charts!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for everything you do and be for me and the world, my dear soul sister. You are EPIC. I love you, to infinity and beyond.



"She is the real deal!"

Karen is a gifted and loving healer! She is the real deal! She works by removing blockages in order to help you access more of your own healing energy, intuition and guidance. We are lucky to have someone like this in our area!













"This talented & highly skilled energy healer has done miraculous work."

This talented & highly skilled energy healer has done miraculous work. She’s inexplicable in her abilities, powerful & has a depth of knowledge in the field you thought you knew, called energy.
If you want to see rapid changes along your journey, see Karen. It won’t be long before you see why her work is remarkable as your life becomes just that.



"I feel brand new. Just what I needed, a night at a magical healing spa. Like, for real, just what the doctor ordered. Thankyou so much."


"Today so much was coming up to the surface. So it makes perfect sense after reading how the night went! Thank you Karen and Source, as always!"


"I’m in awe of tonight...attended remotely as I needed my own spa night at home with my boys— brought suitcases of stuff and low frequencies ready to unload and source took it all...released big tears but felt so solid as it all released because love is the only truth. Feel so clear, so powerful, so ready to create with even more power... I am word. I am a powerful creator and manifestor. As is all. Grateful to you kare, team and all who attended."


"Was dancing, creating, so much joy!! Thank you"


"I’m in such gratitude for last night, you Kare, and your healing team. I’m also feeling deep reverence and love for EVERYONE and everything.

Last night was my third NOAH in person although I’ve been attending remotely since about last December. As my channels open more and I continue to receive healings I’m able to feel the power, love, gifts and downloads so intensely. It was pure magic.

I’ve set my intentions for this powerful trinity and full moon. Thanks for reminding all of us that we are ALL powerful manifestors and creators!

Thank you!!"


"It was such a powerful night!!! WOW-can’t even describe how I feel right now!"


"Last night was incredible! The group was fantastic and had amazing synergy! Thank you Karen Torres for reminding me what is most important and what is true- LOVE and JOY"


"Is it a coincidence that my hair feels super soft and manageable, and my skin is glowing? Not after NOAH's spa night! To have crystals dropping into my hair and skin was magical but add the gifts to the throat, brain and spine is over the top!!"


" Last night was sooo magical! I absolutely loved it! What is even more fabulous are the gifts I’m seeing today, as I work on my clients who were remotes last night. 💎🎶
One gift that made me incredibly happy, we ALL received, is an amplifier - sits in our throat. It is designed to amplify all the high frequencies we speak as we create with love. OMG can you say abundance?

The theme also made me super happy, as my soul is not too fond of frequenting spa’s in the physical and never gives 👍🏼.
To have access to 4 different mud baths, swirling crystals and more musical designs! What else can a girl ask for💗💗💗 . So much gratitude to Source, Karen and her powerful team"


"Thanks Kare and your team, as always, I cannot express enough for the magical healings we receive on these nights."


"I am light drunk right now! Wowww! That was a powerful remote! I love that each session I can really feel it more and more. Thank you Karen, source, and healing team!!" - ALYSSA SHOEMAKER


"Wow. This is beautiful. I have spent almost 2 weeks releasing low frequencies mimicking a 'cold' and tonight I now have so much energy!
In the beginning I felt almost like a weight lift off my chest and solar plexus. I could feel energy moving around my solar plexus and heart as well. There were many times I felt light headed or flowy.
At one point I was coughing out if no where. (I have been coughing for the past several days but this was just so random. Like I was releasing something)
I was seeing flashing lights periodically too 💫💫🔮😍💗
I laughed so much throughout the night.
I feel energetically cleared, so much better than I have in days and so much energy! 😍😍😍😍🔮💃🦋💗🤗 thank you so so much!!!!!!!"


"I feel the downloads as lighter feeling in my head .. and body and a feel very knowing, although i feel alittle drunk i look foreard to reading what you write and i see the vision as i read it as if i were there and those same feeling i had early happen again i see and feel it all again more real .. heart beats fast and i feel the upgrades in that same knowing Im trusting it all and it feels really good .. i reread it to ground it in me i am starting to feel my souls presence and i am feeling safer in it .. in this I thank you and your team xoxo "


"Absolutely beautiful night! Although I can't Express as much detail s as the others, I can say that I was utterly exhausted after...went to bed and fell asleep almost immediately (which very rarely occurs)....woke up around 330am(alarm was set for 630)ready to take on the world....feeling so free and happy and motivated. As always...THANK YOU Karen, healing team and Source 🙏💜 I knew I had ALOT of low frequencies we were planning on healing this week and knew that I needed this one more than ever....I was not disappointed. Always a great healing session with NOAH remotely."


"Thank you so much, today was 🤩🤩🤩 so good. Blinding light all day. Much gratitude to you and all participants."