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WOKE by SAKRED is our frequency infused MCT oil created with love to help you transmute low frequencies with high frequencies. 



Specific elevated frequencies via a patented process.

Methods of healing alchemy
(healing alchemy = high frequencies that disintegrate low frequencies)
via our founder's core angelic healing team.



We have extracted the best part of our favorite superfood: coconut/palm essential fatty acids 6, 8, 10 and 12, and we use a proprietary process to separate the powerful energy of Medium Chain Triglycerides. To this, we add antioxidant oils for a completely unique blend that helps with focus, clarity and sustained energy throughout the day. This liquid, oil-based supplement can be taken orally, or added to your favorite beverage. You will love its light, clean flavor, and healthy brightness that lasts throughout your day. 


First off, we always say that YOU know yourself best so trust yourself and what you intuitively feel guided to take with WOKE within the range of 1-4 dropper fulls at each serving/sitting. We generally recommend 2-4 dropper fulls. Not drops, Dropper fulls as in fill the dropper as much as the dropper will allow. It generally only fills up about halfway. You can mix and match the three different WOKE blends of oils as well. Tune in and listen to you! One day may be different from the next. 


Otherwise known as our Awakening Blend has a joyful spring about it. It's usually used in the mornings and afternoons for a boost of energy and good joy filled vibes. The main frequencies you find in this blend are JOY, ILLUMINATION, RADIANCE and CLARITY frequencies via our founder's core angelic healing team. There are also many others added into here but the main focus of this blend are the frequencies mentioned above. 
Otherwise known as our Meditative Blend is all about the LOVE LOVE LOVE and if you can believe it...more LOVE! It's power packed with love frequency and rose pink quartz frequencies and frequencies that amplify the LOVE as well. FEAR frequencies are every where on this planet and something we all carry so much of and pick up more of daily. So packing in the LOVE is key as love TRANSMUTES fear. We LOVE this blend so much. 
Otherwise known as our Grounding Blend is all about those GRACE and SERENITY frequencies and supporting the central nervous system of the body. Our nervous systems constantly need support and energetic upgrades on this journey UP in frequency. You will also find a ton of cerulean blue and christ consciousness blue in this bottle which are the frequencies of clarity and WORD aka the frequency of the creator of all things. This is a power packed blend that supports the elevation and calming of a system we want to continue to heal and focus in on as we take the body upward in frequency. 
As with any of our products, they are all supported by our founder's core angelic healing team, therefore being intentional and asking for any additional support you may desire is always welcomed! As we have began to teach, you can always call in more healing from Source/God and the angelic realm. 


A rule of thumb that we teach to all that are interested is to simply ask/pray to move out anything lower than the frequency of love and that is not YOUR Truth and to pack in as much healing light and love as possible. Because anything lower than love is NOT your truth and will continue to layer off as you journey UP in frequency.


Much love and blessings!
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Lots of love, 
Team Sakred