About Us


 C.E.O & FOUNDER: Brandi Botts

C.O.O OF SAKRED - Karen Bettinger



Sakred's mission is LOVE. To us, Love is the ONLY truth.

Love is our super power and the most powerful healing frequency of all.

Healing Alchemy is the healing work that is infused into all that we create via our founder and our founder's core angelic healing team and that has so graciously found its way into our lives a few years ago. This is our greatest passion as it has completely transformed our lives and so many around us. Therefore, as a company, we desire to teach, share and pay it forward to souls that are on a similar path of awakening, healing and going up in frequency. The power, the path, the truth and the light has always been WITHIN you and never outside of you. We are here to help remind you of that. 


Our company's purpose is simple -- To disintegrate and move out low frequencies by bringing in more high frequencies so that way you can access more of beautiful, magical, magnificent, powerful YOU! Healing Alchemy is just that - Take high frequencies and disintegrate low frequencies as low frequencies are not our truth. Love is the only truth. It always is, it always was and always shall be. AHO.


If you ever have any questions please email customerservice@sakred.com