About Us


FOUNDER: Brandi Botts

V.P. of SAKRED - Karen Bettinger



When something is seen as SACRED...it is seen/known as holy. 
It is knowing that the divine must be present in ALL manifestation.
No exclusions.   
We cannot make something Holy; however we can decide to make something unholy
which puts it outside of the light.
What you put into darkness call you to that very same darkness; therefore when you put anyone or anything outside of the light - you put yourself outside of the light.
Whatever you put into that dark cave - you are sitting right next to them until you are ready to release them; which releases yourself.
In truth, we cannot be the light and hold another in darkness.
The light's true nature is to shine; it does not get to choose who it shines on...
it simply shines on all. 
I am the light. 
We are all of the light. Aho.



To activate more of the light within. 




 If you ever have any questions please email customerservice@sakred.com