Welcome to AURA!

AURA by SAKRED is our frequency infused energy cleansing spray designed to transmute low frequencies in your space and bring in high frequencies.

Specific elevated frequencies via a patented process.

Methods of healing alchemy
(healing alchemy = high frequencies that disintegrate low frequencies)
via our founder's core angelic healing team.


We wanted to share some powerful ways to use this particular product because energy cleansing and using a product like this may be something brand new for you. 


In each bottle there are high frequencies that have been added that help to disinegrate the low frequencies in our space. It's called healing alchemy which basically is taking high frequencies and using those to disintegrate the low frequencies. 


In the world of energy and healing, intention is key! 


It's powerful to set your intention of where you are spraying AURA before spraying. Our goal is to help teach and show you where some powerful places are to spray AURA so that you can get the greatest results. 



- Spray it all around your auric field that surrounds your physical body.

This is a beautiful energetic protective layer that surrounds your physical body about 3-4 feet on every side of the physical body that you see. 


- Next you can go through and spray your actual physical body! 

You have layers here that are your mental, emotional, spiritual and astral body as well that layer within that physical body confine. Set the intention to spray your mental, emotional, spiritual and astral body as well by misting all around your physical body, similar to the auric body.



Let’s work through the chakras (which are
the energetic power centers of your being.)



- Spray the top of your head/brain area which is your crown chakra area. 


- Right in between your eyes is your 6th chakra or what some have called the third eye. Your telepathic channels run there at your forehead as well. This is an area that can feel like you have sinus pressure which can really mean your telepathic channels clogged so spraying aura onto that forehead  area with the intention to spray your telepathic channels as well as into your sinuses/nasal passages is a powerful daily practice.


- Spray your physical throat and throat chakra area. 


- Physical heart area and heart chakra. 


- Solar plexus - right at your stomach and under your rib area in the middle of your body. 


- Second chakra (sacral chakra) near the sexual organs.


- First chakra (root chakra) at the base of your spine


- You also have chakras in both of your hands and feet. I love spraying the palms of my feet and hands. These are big powerhouse areas that hold a lot of healing information.


- Other powerful areas to spray are the brain, pituitary gland and pineal gland inside your head. Set the intention and then spray those areas. Your pituitary gland is a huge relay system of frequencies and information for the entire physical body and all the cells. 


- Your Translator. There is something called the translator that is right near the back/top side of your skull near the pituitary gland. That is how spiritual information comes in from Source\God and the angelic realm to then turn into physical body or human atomic body information. Every type of physical being has this because the spiritual frequencies must be translated into information that the particular physical body can actually use. Set the intention to mist/spray your translator area by spray the top/back side of your skull. A lot of lower frequencies tend to effect this area. 







- Spray your eyes/eye lids/tear ducts, both sides of your shoulders on the front of your body, womb/uterus for women (2nd chakra is huge for the female body), sexual areas for men (first chakra is HUGE for the male body) (these are both powerhouse areas for both sexes), both of your knees and ankles as well (power spots for your clairvoyant channels). 




Set the intention to spray any area of your physical body that you are having issues in as well. Every aspect of our physical body has an energetic component to it.


Your physical thyroid has an energetic thyroid. So on and so forth.


Kidneys, liver, adrenals, thyroid, limbic system, lymphatic system, nervous system...all powerful areas to set the intention to mist frequencies into. 


Energy is energy - the intention is powerful. 

Say/pray what area you want to spray and then spray <3 


Trust yourself. You can’t mess this up.






You can also spray your home, cell phones, computers and devices, car, hotel rooms, flowers, and anything you want to take up in frequency and move out lower frequencies. Even your food, drink, & alcohol, etc.


Also, if you are open, then ask the angelic realm or source/god to come in and support any area of concern you may have or if you simply want additional support in moving out anything lower than the frequency of love from your space, home, cell phones, hotels, cars etc. There is an abundance of healing available! 


We hope you love this powerhouse spray as much as we do! 


Cheers to spreading all the high frequency love! 


-Team Sakred