"So in love with these and I’m not sure how I ever survived without them!"

I got my oils yesterday and can’t remember the last time I was SO EXCITED! I took the Grounding Blend last night and fell asleep so quickly and slept so amazingly well! I woke up this morning and felt good, not sleepy or groggy like I usually do! Made my coffee and put in 3 droppers of Awakening Blend and I feel so amazing! I have so much energy, but not in a crazy sort of way, more like I’m super charged and feel like all my senses are super charged! I feel so amazing, I really can’t put it into words and can’t wait to try the Meditative Blend! So in love with these and I’m not sure how I ever survived without them!

"...the most epic & solid sleep I’ve had in YEARS."

I am OBSESSED with the Sakred MCT oils! And they’ve quickly become one of my favorite parts of my every day! Not only are they sleek and the most high vibe AF packaging that I’m proud to show off...

But the grounding blend gives me the most epic & solid sleep I’ve had in YEARS. I fall asleep easily, stay asleep, and finally wake up feeling rested.

And the awakening blend makes me excited every morning to put into my mushroom coffee! It gives me that extra pep in my step & keeps me focused first thing in the morning - which used to just be a dream I had!

I’m still working with the meditative blend but it makes me feel so VIBEY. That’s the only word I can think of for it.. like I’m in my flow & VIBEY. Does that make sense!? It’s sooooo good.

I am so excited that THIS IS MY LIFE, and I have Sakred to thank for being a big piece of that for me!


"AURA is perfect for a quick (energetic) cleanse after helping manage emergencies and crises..."

As a nurse it is essential to bring our most energetically clear and high frequency self to our patients, their care givers and our healing environment to create an optimal healing environment.

Aura gives us the opportunity to do to do that without fragrance. Not having fragrance is essential to prevent respiratory distress or headaches for those we are seeking to provide comfort and healing. Then to be able to be in a low energetic place for hours in the hospital or clinic and wash away those low energies and refresh with great high frequency energy before we go home is a poweful form of self care and act of love for our families.

Plus, Aura is perfect for a quick cleanse after helping manage emergencies and crises then returning to provide care for patients and care givers with a fresh clean energy. I could go on and on.

"Such a hopeful breath of fresh air in what can feel like an exhausting, endless fight against autoimmune disease."

I struggle with anxiety, brain fog, feeling emotionally unstable and disassociated. I've been in this "pre-flare" stage for a few days, last night and this morning being the worst, and after I took these, I felt SO much better very soon after taking it. I felt like I was in my body again and was in control of what was going on. My anxiety subsided, my brain fog subsided and I could have clear thoughts and conversations which haven't occurred in days, and have been a struggle for... Months, years maybe truly. I had clarity and peace about how my body was feeling and what my body needed. It's VERY bizarre and seemingly unbelievable, but beautifully, miraculous experience and such a hopeful breath of fresh air in what can feel like an exhausting, endless fight against autoimmune disease. I'll definitely be using this magic daily to support my physical and emotional health. LIFE CHANGING.


"It truly helps to reset and clear the low frequencies..."

I'm a middle school teacher in CO and have been teaching for 23 years! I love this path but it is not easy! And in many ways, it's getting harder. This school year has seemed tougher than school years in the past. I spray AURA several times a day in my classroom and it truly helps to reset and clear the low frequencies and energies! I also use the AM/PM set (I think I should try the meditative blend.)

"I realized I was not at all aligned with that person..."

I took a few drops of the love & higher consciousness blend before a date and ended up leaving 15 minutes in because I realized I was not at all aligned with that person and didn’t want to waste our time. Put the focus energy and clarity in a friend’s tea and he said it was magical.

"I'm floating!"

I'm floating!!! A dropper of love + higher consciousness and one of focus, energy, clarity in my tea...holy fucking shit!

"No more migraines!"

I began updating my home and started by painting a couple of rooms. I ended up having two migraines about a week and a half apart. I've only had two migraines in my 31 years of life so I was confused. I was looking for any changes I had made and what could be triggering them. I looked up the brand of paint I had chose and found a website of several hundred reviews where people were saying the brand of paint had been causing them headaches, migraines and their house to smell. So I took a break and aired out my home. Then I remembered I have AURA so I sprayed the paint can, my paint tray, the roller and the walls. Finished the last four walls. The paint didn't bother me at all while painting and even better, NO migraines. I did all this last week. I wanted to wait to see if I would have one but I didn't and my house doesn't reek of fresh paint. I'm seriously obsessed with this stuff!


"OMG the glow on my skin is AMAZING. I had no idea raising my frequency would be visible!"

"The AURA spray raises my vibes so quickly!"

I swear the AURA spray raises my vibes so quickly! I essentially spray  my AURA around me and It feels like my angelic team is just lifting me up and I'm feeling a mist from a beautiful waterfall surrounding me with all the good vibes. I use it before I go into work or know I'll be in a public setting with lots of energies. 

"Night terrors stopped!"

I love AURA for myself before working.Also, my youngest son was having night terrors. I started spraying AURA above his crib and they stopped! So amazing!"