Here at SAKRED, we resonate as a TEACHING company.

As you open your psychic channels of communication there is a world of knowledge and truth awaiting.

We not only want to help BLING you up with high frequencies to disintegrate the low frequencies that effect your body, four etheric bodies and your divine channels of communication, we also want to teach and share as much of this work as we are guided to share with you too!  

As of now we are guided to do one monthly SAKRED LIVE the Thursday before the full moon. Make sure you are on our email list in order to receive the private link to join us each month! More info below. 

Much love and blessings, 



SAKRED LIVE #1 with Andrea Crowder & Brandi Botts - 10/10/19


Join Sakred's CEO/Founder, Brandi Botts and Chief Creative Officer, Andrea Crowder as they explain what frequencies are, why we need to start caring about a high frequency life and 10 steps on how to actually start implementing that immediately.

We will basically be breaking down energy hygiene for you, your space and all of your creations including how to bling up your relationship and business spaces. (HINT: Yes you have an energetic "space aka container" for all of your relationships and business as well. Don't worry, we'll explain all of that and how to take them up in frequency!

Pretty kick ass stuff so come nerd out with us as we break this all down into energetic bite size pieces.


**OH and then there was that juicy convo of andrea talking about that thing that happened on the airplane that we do not speak of ;) (Inside joke!)





Sakred Live #2 with Founder and CEO Brandi Botts - 11/7/19


Join Sakred's CEO/Founder, Brandi Botts as she guides you through tapping more into your soul's truth and unhooking from old ideas and creating from love and truth.


A live alchemy healing sesh to help you learn to call in the healing and gifts you desire!




Living in the here and now and more on forgiveness and what that is and so much more!


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